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About PGPN

What we are about...

To be the lead voice in Pacific health issues for Primary Care in NZ.

Create a forum for collegial and social support.

Provide educational opportunities, safe forum to discuss difficult/controversial issues and share best practice.

Provide advice on setting up/buying a Practice.

Who we are...

PGPN is made up of General Practitioners of Pacific ethnicity who are:

  • Members of the RNZCGP
  • Registered with NZMC

Board of Trustees

Dr Api Talemaitoga

Dr Nua Tupai

Dr Siro Fuatai

Dr Hina Lutui

Dr Noelle Greentree

Opening Roll

Dr Aisake Takau

Dr Akenisi Makakaufaki

Dr Alita Neria

Dr Allen Mitikulena

Dr Andrew Chan Mow

Dr Aniva Lawrence

Dr Api Talemaitoga

Dr Ate Moala

Dr Aumea Hermen

Dr Avivi Puloka

Dr Debbie Ryan

Dr Dominique Peyroux

Dr Emalia Lavemai

Dr Esela Natano

Dr Fiona Bell

Dr Fiona Shepherd

Dr Fipi Hastie

Dr Hinamaha Lutui

Dr Huta Tangaroa

Dr Joe Williams

Dr Juliet Walker

Dr Justine Mesui

Dr Kim Ma’ia’i

Dr L’ondine Tukuitoga

Dr Louisa Fonua

Dr Mary English

Dr Mary Toloa

Dr Maryann Heather

Dr Mata Daniels

Dr Michael Wilson

Dr Minnie Strickland

Dr Monica Liva

Dr Monica Nua

Dr Natalie Faamatuainu

Dr Neru Leavasa

Dr Nick Giblin

Dr Noelle Greentree

Dr Nua Tupai

Dr Reza Alai

Dr Robert Nicholas

Dr Sarah Karalus

Dr Simon Saena

Dr Siro Fuatai

Dr Tai Sopoaga

Dr Tama Herman

Dr Tapu Rairi

Dr Walter Muller